Thursday, 20 February 2014

Easy Peasy Scrubby Squeezy

Thursday 20th February 2014
 *DIY: Olive Oil & Brown Sugar Scrub*
 It is Winter and some of us neglect our bodies and wait until our legs and arms come out in the Summer and then go crazy on our scaly, dry skin with a harsh exfoliating glove or we just cannot wait and grab some of our dads sand paper....I hope not. Anyway I digress, so I'd like to share with you all that we shouldn't have to go to the best store and buy the most expensive scrubs to make our skin feel smooth, soft and tempting to touch, when really we would most likely have the best and most natural ingredients at home!
I came across a TV program and they were discussing how Olive Oil is useful for many reasons and not just as a cooking ingredient, many of us are unaware of the benefits of Olive Oil for our well being so I thought AH-HA I'll put it to the test and made an
Olive Oil & Brown Sugar Scrub:

Step one: 
You will need:
- 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 2 large table spoons of Brown Sugar
- 1 stirring stick or just something to stir it with
- 1 squirt of Lemon Juice.

  Step two:
 - Mix the Brown Sugar into the Olive Oil container
 - Add a squirt of lemon juice (just a little) as it makes it smell nice and fresh and moisturises your skin
 - Do not worry to much about the amounts just adjust proportions as needed

Step three:
 - Mix this luscious goodness together in a bowl until the consistency is slightly thick. (Add more if necessary)

Step four:
 - Add small amounts (like in the bottom picture) into your hands and rub together
-Then gently remove the scrub with warm water
- Pat your hands dry with a towel and then add your preferred moisturiser

A little extra:
This scrub is perfect to use on any part of your body, hands, feet, face, legs and also on your lips! It is a great exfoliator, easy to use and does the job! If you love it why not make lots of it and store it in a container, but do not put this scrub in the fridge it will only go and harden the mixture!
A just in case:
If you do make this scrub please please please stick to sugar when using it on delicate areas such as your face and hands as sugar granules are round and much gentler on your skin, only use salt when you want to smoothen rough skin like on the backs of you heels.
Also, constant exfoliation can damage your skin so I would stick to once a week :)
Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you try this or have any scrub recommendations!

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