Saturday, 22 February 2014

In my shopping bag I have...

*A little Retail Therapy*
 Passing through town and I just couldn't resist....
It is difficult to walk through town to get home and not walk into a shop! I just couldn't resist. To be honest I haven't been out shopping in so long, because I have been so busy, so considering it has been a while I didn't buy as much as I would, so I am proud of myself.
Primark therapy:
 Love going to Primark for little bits and bobs. I came across this lovely thin scarf in there for only £4.00, absolutely love the tartan-esque pattern with the red roses. Scarves like these are great to jazz up an outfit, I would wear this scarf thrown over a black midi dress or over a black baggy jumper and skinny jeans, it is the statement piece to an outfit.
I also bought those funky rings from Primark, the red ring is a beaut such a bright red and looks lovely with the gold, I adore big bold rings and I think it would go lovely with my new scarf :). I am also loving midi rings and I thought this set is so cute and for £1.50 you can't go wrong. I find statement jewellery can really change and switch up an outfit, you would never see me without statement jewellery on!
Boots therapy:   
I haven't bought a nice nail varnish in ages and I have never tried 'essie' and I have heard lots of good reviews about the nail varnish so when I saw this great offer in Boots I had to get it. Not only is this Essie Fiji/ A Cut Above, A Sprinkle in Pink Gift Set £12.99 for 2  (standard Essie size bottles) but also it's 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment, BONUS!
I really like this diamond glitz effect at the mo, its so sweet and really adds a touch of sophistication on a classic mani. The colours are great together, it features Fiji (left: the soft pink) and A Cut Above (right:sparkly pink glitter). You could wear the Fiji as a stand alone polish but I prefer it with A Cut Above, especially using A cut above just on my ring fingers.
This product is good value for money and a great little gift idea. To be directed to the Boots site click here.
 Max Factor Elixir Lipsticks:
The 3 for 2 offer was screaming at me and I new I wanted some new lippies so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to buy some. I love Max Factor make up and have always got on really well with their lipstick's. I haven't got the best lips, they are always dry and peel (worse in Winter) and because of this my lipsticks doesn't stay on for long. So I'm intrigued to see how I get on with these two.  

(Left: Max Factor colour Elixir's 'Angel Pink', Right: Max Factor colour Elixir's 'Pink Brandy')
As my lips seem to lack moisture Max Factor Elixir is supposed to act as a moisturising lipstick, not only leaving a gorgeous colour on your lips but also 'visibly moisturise lips', I hope this is the case! The colours caught my eye, firstly because I've been wanting a coral pink lipstick for a while now and thought this one (Pink Brandy) was perfect as it's not too bright like some of those coral lipsticks out there. Also, I have so many shades of pink lipsticks (clearly I adore pink lippy) and I love the shimmer to the light pink (Angel Pink) it definitely looks angelic, sweet and pretty. I also am a bit weird but I have to smell my lipsticks if they have a nasty, fake, strong smell I just wont buy them and what I particularly liked about these lipsticks is the smell, it's quite floral...I don't mind my lips smelling of flowers! So for only £7.99 for these beaus you can't go wrong, plus it's 3 for 2 don't miss out guys, if you like the look and sound of these click here to be directed to the site.
What have you bought recently? Have you bought any of the above, if so, how have you got on with them?
Will be nice to hear your thoughts.


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