Thursday, 20 February 2014

The WONDERS of Liz Earle

Thursday 20th February 2014
 *Liz Earle's Daily Essentials *Review*

     (Left: Cleanse and Polish cleanser, Middle: Instant Boost Skin Tonic & Right: Muslin Hot Cloth)
Just a little love for Liz Earle <3

Talking facial cleansers, I have always grabbed a cheap facial cleanser from any drugstore and never really thought about it's effect on my skin until I came across Liz Earle.

One Christmas as I received gifts from my family my auntie gave me a Christmas gift bag full of lovely goodies and inside it included a Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish with a lovely muslin Cloth. Struck by the very posh packaging compared to my usual cheap skin care creams I thought I'd give it a go... and how very happy I was indeed. I cannot describe how amazing these products are and leave me feeling awake and refreshed every morning!

Liz Earle have products for those daily essentials and have a three step routine which I am more than happy to share with you all!

Ok so first of all:
Step one:

(left of photo + muslin cloth, far right)
This cleanser is fantastic it smells absolutely gorgeous and every time I use it I feel like I have stepped into a very posh SPA and then I open my eyes and I am standing in my bathroom !! It has natural active ingredients: Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus essential oils all of which you can smell as you gently massage it into your skin.
The cleanser works in two actions: cleansing and polishing. Its rich and creamy texture massaged into the skin lifts and removes all daily grime, make up and wait for it... YES stubborn Mascara too !! Then use the pure muslin hot cloth to polish off the cream to gently lift away dead skin cells leaving you with soft, radiant skin.
I use this every morning and every night without a doubt! I am a total mess if I have forgotten to pack it away with me whenever I am not at home. I have had times where I have forgotten or simply run out and my face becomes a hot, sticky and oily mess, my face has definitely become dependent to it!
Step two:
(Middle of photo)
Straight after I have used the Cleanse and Polish I towel dry my face and splash on some Instant Boost Skin Tonic it also has amazing, gorgeous natural ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera, Calendula, Rose-Scented Geranium, Cucumber and Natural Vitamin E.
It works beautifully with the cleanser and really makes your skin feel so fresh and revitalised. I twist the cap and add a generous amount of the tonic onto a cotton bud or pad and dab onto my face, it really does wonders and definitely helps sooth those puffy dark circles under my eyes!
One thing I would have to disagree with is the Instant Boost Skin Tonic bottle you can really over do the pouring and lose a good amount on your surfaces ! That's a definite 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' moment! So be careful.. do pour generously!
Step three:
     (Left: Liz Earle Super Skin Concentrate & Right: Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser)
Ok so these two beauties are the products I use after step 1 and 2, I use Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser in the mornings and the Liz Earle Super Skin Concentrate at night time. I have done it this way as I felt this worked best for my skin, however, you could use the moisturiser both day and night.

(Right of photo)
This delight is also rich in natural goods: Borage, Avocado Oil, Echinacea, Beta-Carotene and Natural Vitamin E. These ingredients work wonderfully with our skin's natural oils, it leaves your skin feeling extremely moisturised (that's that good old Vitamin E for you). Its another creamy texture however it's lovely and light and does not feel heavy on the skin and leaves your skin feeling silky and gives you this glowing feeling.
It works well with my make up too once left to dry my make up stays on for hours, whereas, I noticed before I started using Liz Earle that my other creams and moisturisers do not keep my make up on for long and would become a gucky mess! Yuck! Who wants that?
(Left of photo)
This is from Liz Earle's Superskin range, I cannot...wait let me emphasis 'CANNOT' go to bed without rubbing this baby on my face, after doing steps 1 and 2 before bed time I roll this beauty on my cheeks forehead and neck. I take my finger tips and massage it into my paws, it is heavenly, its aroma is gorgeous I just want to eat it! It has beautiful ingredients of: Organic Rosehip oil, Argan Oil (which, can I add, I adore!) Neroli Oil and Natural Vitamin E (here he is again). It is an oil based product but it leaves your skin feeling so soft and the blends of the aromatic oils help soften dry skin, normal skin and oily to combination skin. Another thing I absolutely love about this product is that the smells really relax you and helps you have a lovely nights sleep... BONUS!
I really cannot emphasis enough how amazing these products are they work on all skin types and they are a high end product but compared to other high end products they are quite affordable which is even more of a reason to try it out!
I have become hooked and my Liz Earle products are increasing, I have other products and if you would like me to review them than I would be happy to just let me know :)

Have you tried these products? What were your thoughts? Or are there any products you just cannot live without? Let me know!!!!

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