Friday, 21 February 2014

Sinister Smoothie

Friday 21st February, 2014
*Sweet and Sinister Smoothie*
Got way too excited making smoothies so I decided to make an evening Sinister Smoothie. I'm a sucker for chocolate and any chocolaty dessert out there, this smoothie has definitely hit the spot and goes down a treat!
The Eight Deadly Sins:
1 or 2 Bananas (depending on how thick and bananary you want it)
3 to 5 oreos
4 Ferrero Roche
1 Kinder Bueno
3 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
A cup of Milk
A tspn of Hot Chocolate powder
1 tbsp of Peanut butter
Just a note:
When I first made it the smoothie was too thick so milk really helps reduce the thickness.
& Blend it together :)
You can really go to town when making smoothies, it's fun, exciting and there are so many flavours you could make from Saintly smoothies of healthy fruits & veg or Sinners with as much naughty ingredients you could think of!
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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